Businesses: Twisplays Displays Your Twitter Feed on a Digital LED Sign

Have something to say? Now you can share your tweets with in-store customers, patrons, clients and guests using an attractive LED sign. These “Twisplays” are perfect if you want to advertise to your on- and off-line customers at the same time, show off a celebrity Twitter feed, or give waiting-room clients breaking news tweets to watch.

MB Media Brokers unveiled Twisplays at last week’s Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo, and we think they’re onto something.

These LCD screens are perfect for on-site Twitter advertising. Just think of the possibilities of showing your Twitter feed to your in-store customers: you could run a promotion encouraging customers to follow your business account on Twitter, or get company news out quickly.

Twisplays can sit on a counter, mount on a wall or hang from a ceiling.

Businesses can wire Twisplays up to their PC, or they can access the MB Media national wireless network to display up to 20 tweets per day.

Integrating the on- and off-line customer engagement experience is something that many businesses could benefit from. This simple sign is one way that you could update your customers – however they’re connecting with you – about your offers, news, and events using a single tweet.