Businesses Still Neglecting Cybersecurity (Infographic)

75 percent of security and IT professionals surveyed said their organizations had no cybersecurity incident response plan in place.

Cybersecurity requires agile improvement and dedicated resources. Unfortunately, instead of businesses taking the recommended holistic approach, cybersecurity is often critically overlooked. An infographic based on a study from security solutions provider Resilient Systems and market research firm Ponemon breaks down key areas of continued failure for businesses.

66 percent of the security and IT professionals surveyed said their organizations are unprepared to recover from a cyber attack, and 75 percent lack a formal incident response plan, which has not changed since last year.

John Bruce, CEO and co-founder of Resilient, which was recently acquired by IBM, notes that companies are poorly prepared:

This year’s Cyber Resilience study shows that organizations globally are still not prepared to manage and mitigate a cyber attack. Security leaders can drive significant improvement by making incident response a top priority–focusing on planning, preparation, and intelligence.

The top three technologies companies should consider adopting, according to the infographic, are; identity management services, an incident response platform and intrusion detection systems.

A large part of the problem is simply a lack of planning and risk assessment. Security experts have been warning about weaknesses in these core areas for years, so it’s disheartening that businesses haven’t been more proactive

Check out the infographic below and for more details, download the full report.


Image courtesy of Shutterstock.