Business Wire Adds Mobile, SEO & Social Features


Business Wire announced a slew of enhancements to its distribution platform today, including:

Mobile: Business Wire content is now available on mobile apps for global Viigo, Yahoo! Finance, Canwest, Bloomberg for subscribers and ThomsonReuters. The company has developed its own news app.

Social: More distribution via search engine optimized (SEO) platforms, Business Wire and EON: Enhanced Online News.

Measurement: Increased measurement reporting, including, “search terms used to find member news, link activity, social media submission data, distribution reach, website posting links.”

The biggest enhancements seem to be in the mobile realm, where many of the other wire services lack offerings. Some of the other features mentioned, such as the ability to include highlighted “pull quotes” in press releases, have been available with other wire services.

The new features will be available with all press releases beginning January 4, 2010. Business Wire also launched a mobile version of their own website.