Business to Foil ‘Stalkerazzi’ is Basically ‘Invitedrazzi’

It’s a service that ‘guarantees freedom from paparazzi’. And it’s called ‘AntiRazzi’.

This is from their press release:

AntiRazzi’s service provides professional, dedicated photographers or “Personal Paparazzi” for persons wishing to rid themselves of the scourge of so-called “Stalkerazzi.” AntiRazzi provides hundreds of candid, high-quality, professionally shot photographs daily to subscribing publishers at cut-rate discounts, thus removing the economic incentives that drive Paparazzi and lowering substantial costs to publishers.

AntiRazzi provides a private marketplace of daily candid and exclusive photographs in large volume through an online, auction-style e-commerce system. Exclusive photos and unique, candid offerings can be licensed through the online AntiRazzi marketplace, preserving the ability for publishers to maintain quality content while also providing economic incentives to the subjects themselves.

Uhm, isn’t this like treating a burn with a hot iron? The cure is the same as the disease.