Business Insider’s Quirky Work Environment

Business Insider sounds like a lot of things, but how about fun to work at? According to a new Bloomberg Businessweek profile, it doesn’t sound too appealing.

The profile itself doesn’t offer much in material you might have already heard and/or published by other news outlets. You’ve probably read something like this before: Creator of BI, Henry Blodget is the banned trader who understands why people disliked what he did while working as an Internet analyst at Merrill. But he didn’t do that much wrong, while the environment and then-NY AG Eliot Spitzer’s political ambitions had much to blame for Blodget’s banishment from finance as him, has now turned to media and is creating an ever-growing business blogging platform. Sound familiar?
However, there’s a nice tidbit that describes the unusual working environment inside BI’s offices.

The bullpen, where all 12 of the staff contributors sit, emits none of the familiar sounds of a newsroom-it is silent but for the clicking of keyboards and the air conditioning. There are no bellowing editors, no reporters with phones up to their ears. In fact, reporters on each “vertical” (the site is divided into several silos focused on technology and finance) share one phone, which would seem to discourage classic gumshoe reporting, and several work at two computers.

Wow, sounds a lot like the environment in my own home. Except instead being surrounded by 11 other sniffling, loud-typing, upset reporters, I only have to deal with my loud neighbor. But at least they get free air-conditioning.