Business Insider Sending Executive-Targeted Deals Down the Pipeline

Business Insider has covered several deal-of-the-day-type Web sites, so it decided to launch one of its own: Pipeline, which is set to launch next week, will focus on more high-end items, as it is targeted toward executives. The email from Business Insider CEO and editor Henry Blodget:

Hello! We’re launching a new service at Business Insider that I wanted to tell you about and invite you to sign up for.

If you’re like me, you’ve been eagerly watching the growth of the many “daily deals” companies, hoping that lots of stuff will come along that you’ll want to buy. And you’ve been disappointed to see that most of these deals seemed designed for 18-year olds.

Where are the deals for business executives, you wonder? Where can you find stuff YOU want to buy?

Well, happily, the answer is now Business Insider.

In a week or so, we’ll be launching a new service called Pipeline that will provide Business Insider members with special deals that we’ve negotiated with you in mind.

What kind of deals will Pipeline offer? Subscriptions to business services, high-end business clothes, event tickets, you name it.

How can you get in on these deals? Just click here and we’ll let you know by email every time we launch one.

I hope you enjoy Pipeline. Thanks again for being a part of the Business Insider community.

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