Business Insider Launches Lifestyle Site ‘Insider’

One can never have enough lifestyle.

Business Insider is expanding its empire with the launch of Insider, a lifestyle site. Insider has actually been around for about 10 months now, but it has existed only on other platforms, like Facebook and Snapchat.

While previous Insider content has been exclusively video, the site features text and photography as well. Insider has seven areas of coverage: art, health, people, food, travel, design and culture. Nicholas Carlson serves as the site’s editor in chief.

“Insider proves that the old rules of media brand-building no longer need apply — social and the network effect can quickly scale an audience,” said BI founder and editor Henry Blodget, in a statement. “It’s been amazing to watch Nich and his team create such big waves in such a short amount of time, and it will be great fun to watch them play with the new format to engage audiences in new ways.”