Business Insider Goes Inside 5WPR

Ever wondered what the offices of 5WPR look like? Well there are cubicles, a kitchen, people on the phone, two copies of Machiavelli’s The Prince, and everyone gets a Shake Weight.

Business Insider has published a story and slideshow about Ronn Torrossian and his firm and it’s mostly positive.

We asked the author, Jim Edwards, a senior editor at the site, about the story, specifically why he excluded the recent news that the government was investigating Torossian over allegations that he’s involved in a scheme that cost a popular New York City rabbi millions. He told us he debated the issue.

“He’s not under indictment and the Times‘ sourcing is from two sources who are essentially off the record and neither of them actually say he’s a suspect or done anything wrong,” he told us in an email. “Dumping that in with the Israel/Christian Right thing seemed like piling on.”

For his part, Torossian, who is a contributor to the site, sent us an email expressing satisfaction with what the article says (“everything else takes a back seat when clients call 5W”) and noted that the company is growing. (According to the story, Torossian was willing to show Edwards the firm’s tax returns.)

Also noteworthy, the article points out the media relations methods at the firm.

“It is not unusual for writers in the business press to receive three emails or calls a day from 5W staffers,” it says. That sounds terrible. Apparently, they’re also busy writing emails to reporters.