Resolution #23: Make More Money

Recession, schmecession. There’s never a bad time to make a living writing about money. In fact, when times are hard, editors are in even greater need of content that will appeal to readers looking to  make their hard-earned dollars stretch.

In‘s second annual Profit From Your Passion series for @AvantGuild members, we’ve got the goods on how you can best pitch financial and business ideas to money mags and even get a few freebies from Uncle Sam yourself. (Cable bill deduction, anyone?)

Here’s what you missed:

Hidden Tax Write-Offs for Freelancers

Hidden Tax Write-Offs for Freelancers
Is it April already? Not quite, but it is the season of dread, otherwise known as tax season. So as you collect your 1099’s and finally figure out if your home office counts as a business expense, now is the time you should also explore whether you are missing out on other, lesser known deductions.

Hey, How'd You Become The  Go-To Gal For Personal Finance, Jean Chatzky?

Hey, How’d You Become The Go-To Gal For Personal Finance, Jean Chatzky?

Jean Chatzky created her personal finance empire by using multiple media channels (books, TV, and radio), and diversifying her talents.  Here, she tells other enterprising journos how they can do the same.

All You magazineHow To Pitch: All You
How To Pitch For PR: All You

Pitch practical pieces or clients focusing on health, relationships, and home organization to this mag for the everyday working woman.