Business, Boiled Down


Here’s a nice little handy collection of information to have around. Because it’s on this new Squidoo site, which is sort of an user-built, electronic verision of a renaissance man, the “Business of Design” lens (that’s what they call them — “lenses”) is fairly broad and you might find yourself rolling your eyes at bullet points on building your design business like “Get first client,” but there’s enough in there to make it worth looking past that kind of thing. There are some good links here and there, some nice recommendations about some pretty good books to check out, and heck, even if you are a seasoned vet, maybe these obvious little reminders will do you some good. Here’s a bit about Project Management:

At the beginning of any project, outline a proper milestone schedule that documents the presentation and delivery dates. Implement a project management system that allows each member of the team to document their time working on a project. There are numerous project management systems available, from paper and folder solutions to web enhanced time tracking applications, so find the one that fits you and your staff.