How ANY Business Can Benefit From Super Bowl Buzz On Twitter

So your business isn’t big enough to buy a commercial on Super Bowl Sunday, hmm? Don’t despair, most businesses aren’t.

But do you know what the smart businesses do instead? They take advantage of Super Bowl buzz on Twitter – and you can too. And you can even do it for free.

The final three minutes of last year’s Super Bowl generated 10,000 tweets per second (TPS), with 13.7 million tweets sent overall. And this year’s TPS are sure to top it.

So how can you take advantage of this insane amount of traffic and not break the bank?

The folks at Portent, Inc have some ideas, like promoted tweets and promoted trends, for starters.

Promoted trends cost around $120,000 and are certainly the more expensive option of the two. But they’re worth it because they hit the top of Twitter’s trending topics, whereas promoted tweets are targeted at specific users based on various criteria, so everyone will NOT see it. They won’t miss a promoted trend though:

Also, as the folks at Portent, Inc point out, promoted trends “also appear on iPhones, Android mobile devices, Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, making them a good choice for folks tweeting in front of their flatscreens.” And as we all know, Social TV is all the buzz.

But even though they’re not as visible, promoted tweets are a great advertising investment, if you have a smaller budget.

[T]he best thing about Promoted Tweets?  You only pay when people play.  From Twitter: “Promoted Tweets are priced on a Cost-per-Engagement (CPE) basis, so you only pay when someone retweets, replies to, clicks or favorites your Promoted Tweet.”  Pretty sweet deal for someone with a small ad budget.

Is either really worth the money though? Katie Fetting of Portent, Inc thinks so. “Twitter easily gets small and mid-sized businesses the most bang-for-their-Super-Bowl-buck – not only when compared to other social media sites, but even conventional advertising outlets.  Twitter’s cost-per-engagement pricing structure on promoted tweets ensures you’re paying for bona fide interest, not just visibility.”

But what if you can’t afford anything really, not even a semi-seen promoted tweet? Portent has a great suggestions there too:

And for those of you truly looking for a bargain, you can get ahead of the game and capitalize on tags that you KNOW will be trending; in 2013, #ManofSteel, #IronMan3 and #Hangover3 are all pretty safe bets.  You can also check out hashtag search engines like Tweet Archivistor Tweet Charts to see what people are talking about most.

So get your Twitter fired up and ready on game day – at the least! And be sure to check out Portent’s blog for tips on how to take advantage of Facebook on game day as well.

(Football image from Shutterstock)