Bush Banks on Books, According to Former Chief of Staff

President George W. Bush is competitive when it comes to reading books. Who knew? Karl Rove apparently, according to this story. The two got into a battle of the books back on New Year’s Eve 2005. The former chief of staff told Bush that he’d gotten out of the reading habit and vowed to read a tome a week. Mere days later, Bush ambushed his pal with: “I’m on my second. Where are you?” With that the two were off to the library and book stores, not the gym, unlike many Americans who commit to resolve to lose weight for the new year. Both Bush and Rove read Doris Kearns’ “Team of Rivals.” Now that two recommend books to each other, and even write thank-you notes to the authors, showing that their mothers trained them well in the often-forgotten craft of writing letters. As for the Bush/Rove competition? Rove defeated Bush, 110 to 95. Now isn’t that worth bragging about more than losing a few pounds?