Busch Entertainment Launches Campaign Connecting Facebook, Website, iPhone

Earlier this month, Busch Entertainment announced a cross-platform social media campaign intended to create greater awareness of Busch Entertainment’s many theme parks, including SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. The campaign, called The Worlds of Discovery Photo Adventure, challenges people to see if they can find five differences between a series of two almost-identical photos featuring SeaWorld and Bush Gardens sights. Users can play the game via a Facebook application, the Facebook Connect enabled site MyPhotoAdventure.com, and soon, the iPhone.

In Busch’s Facebook application, after each game is over, the app shows you a 10 second or so video that promotes theme park attractions before asking you if you want to publish your score to your Facebook profile. It also shows you your score, rankings, and top rankings. With the tickets you earn, you can then enter drawings. The current prize, for example, is a pair of tickets to any Worlds of Discovery park. Other social features include inviting your friends to play the game and a column on the right-hand side that displays other theme parks that you can become fans of.

Entering tickets to win the current drawing:

Joe Couceiro, CMO for Busch, says, “The power of the social and mobile web applications allow us to connect with current and prospective fans in a fresh and engaging way, while providing a fun, interactive experience that begins before they ever enter one of our parks.” The campaign was developed with Buddy Media.

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