Burning (Man) Questions For Clive Wilkinson


Last night we broke breadsticks with Master of Design Clive Wilkinson, guy behind the Googleplex, but more importantly, a jovial gent who’d rather talk about crimes against moose than the fabulous this or that he’s working on. And he punctuates most of his sentences with a raucous, almost inappropriate laugh. We love that.

We were stuffed into a dark booth at the newly buffed Sunset Tower Hotel (used to be the Argyle) with design publicist-to-the-stars Coralie Langston-Jones (Marmol Radziner, fuseproject, Pentagram), design writer-to-the-stars Kathryn Harris (Wallpaper, T+L, Food&Wine) and Wink‘s Maria Moyer (who does a bunch of stuff to-the-stars, including speechwriting), when the conversation inevitably turned towards…Burning Man.

Yes, Wilkinson went. He biked, he bartered, he packed out his own gray water, and he made a visit to the now-legendary Belgian Waffle (maybe you can spot him in this video of it). Did you know some deep-pocketed Belgian businessman gave Waffle designer Arne Quinze half a mill and a heck of a lot of press to construct his shell of Pick Up Sticks? Did you know that it was later adapted for a traveling exhibition sponsored by Lexus that opened in New York Tuesday? Whoa. Is Burning Man about to go starchitect on us?

Maybe we’ll have to take a little field trip to Black Rock City to find out. Wilkinson’s in. Who’s coming?