Page Six <3s "John King USA" Rumors

Must be that time of the month again…because the NY Post is back at it with another demise of “John King, USA” story.  You might remember that last month, the Post’s “Page Six” predicted CNN’s King would be replaced by comedian Chris Rock in the 7 pm time slot (Right…and Justin Bieber will take over as host of the “Situation Room”).

But today they’ve forgotten about Rock and are  floating a rumor that former CNBC anchor Erin Burnett will be the talent who ousts King from his throne. The article says, “Burnett’s show launches in June and will replace ‘John King USA.'”  Though certainly more believable than last month’s bit, CNN denied most of the story in a statement this afternoon:

“John King, USA is performing very well and we are extremely proud of the work he and his team do each and every day.  We have no plans to make changes to John King, USA—the audience is up 68 percent for the month of May vs. a year ago and we look forward to its continued progress as the program takes on an important role in our 2012 campaign coverage.”

“We do not have a time slot selected for Erin Burnett’s program and the show will begin development in a few weeks. We look forward to having a lineup that includes both John King and Erin Burnett as well as our many other talented CNN anchors come the fall.”

The Chris Rock rumor was utterly ridiculous but I’ll give credit where credit is due.  Erin Burnett is moving to CNN but perhaps “Page Six” should have stopped there?