Burkle Gets Sued by Ex-Nanny: Mary Poppins Not Available


Here’s another reason gazillionaires might not want to own newspapers, especially if they can’t get good household help:

Ex-Nanny Sues Billionaire Supermarket Magnate

Ron Burkle’s ex-nanny is suing him and his lawyers because he sued her. In November 2003, Burkle had his lawyers write a letter to Chelsea Fesenmaier claiming she made fraudulent credit card charges. Two months later, Burkle filed suit against Fesenmaier for fraud and finally Burkle dropped the lawsuit against Fesenmaier in January, the lawsuit stated.

And he said, and she said, and on and on and on. Burkle first claimed that she’s charged over $17,000 on his credit cards, then dropped the amount to $6000 and change. The rich stay rich by noticing these things. If he buys the LA Times, watch him pore over expense reports.