Burkle Divorce Docs Reveal Allegations of Sex, Lies & Videotapes

Twelve-hundred pages of unsealed documents in the divorce of billionaire Ron Burkle — in the midst of at least three media-related stories — and his wife allege, among other things, that Burkle spied on her using security video. Per the AP:

The documents, released late Friday, also included a declaration from Burkle’s 29-year-old daughter that her father once told her his security staff had videos of wife Janet Burkle and her boyfriend having sex.

Burkle attorney denies the claim. Burkle, you’ll recall, used video to capture New York Post gossip writer Jared Paul Stern allegedly trying to shake him down for $220,000. Which — and we’re not sure if anybody’s made this connection already — makes sense: you don’t become a supermarket magnate without knowing how to operate one of those supermarket surveillance video systems. You know, the ones that always seem to capture a clerk fighting back.