Burger King Dug Up a Bunch of Tweets From People Complaining About Wendy’s and Turned Them Into Ads

Old posts get a new life

Burger King's Twitter ads re-use gripes about Wendy's. Burger King
Headshot of Lauren Johnson

Talk about savage. To promote its new spicy chicken nuggets, Burger King is subtly taking aim at Wendy’s—known for its vocal, personality-driven account—on Twitter.

In March, Wendy’s announced that it was removing its popular spicy chicken nuggets from its menu and fans began venting on social media and even set up a Change.org petition asking Wendy’s to reconsider its decision.

Now, Burger King has launched its own version of the item and it’s throwing some shade at Wendy’s via social media. The burger chain evidently trolled through tweets from people complaining about not being able to get their hands on nuggets and is running promoted tweets against them so that months-old tweets populate in newsfeeds.

Take a look at a handful of the tweets Burger King paid to promote.


Burger King’s also been running some not-so-subtle billboard ads and its cover photo on Facebook features a spicy nugget.


We’ve reached out to a Burger King rep for more information on the Twitter media buy but Burger King is known for pulling off stealthy, under-the-radar marketing. Its sneaky Google Home campaign won a Grand Prix at Cannes and last year, a restaurant in Queens, N.Y. dressed up as a ghost named McDonald’s.

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