Burger King Rebranding Stunt Succeeds Without Fooling Anyone

It’s only Wednesday and Burger King already won the prize for “most obvious marketing stunt of the week” with its supposed transformation into “Fries King.”

Twitter’s response can be summed up in a single word: TROLL! Hold on though, because it’s a little more complicated than that.

We’ve discussed the crowdsourced brilliance of the “fry burger” and the less obvious choice to spin healthy with the turkey variety. Burger King’s research team is better informed than we are, because recent research confirms, to our surprise, that the chain’s new “satisfries” campaign has somehow improved its perception among two key demos: parents of kids under 18 and those “who consider themselves in either good or excellent health” (or the opposite of BK’s core customer base).

They’ve certainly been pushing the message: “#WTFF (What the French Fry)” was good copywriting, and BK somehow managed to snag both the “I probably shouldn’t” and the “Hell yeah french fries!!” demographics by varying its messages.

We’d like to know a little more about how the company managed to co-opt these images if the photographers aren’t employees, especially in the case of the tag below:

Any fast food brand will face a big challenge when trying to classify its products as healthy. Yet McDonald’s has long offered salads despite the fact that these items have never sold well and aren’t very healthy in the first place.

See, it’s all about brand perception. When McD’s spins, Burger King has to follow—and nobody buys it, but it’s still working.

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