Bureau of Labor Statistics Will Not Issue Regularly Scheduled Monthly Jobs Report

Although tomorrow marks the first Friday of the month, a certain je ne sais quoi will be missing.

And by that we mean the monthly jobs report.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics won’t be issuing its news. According to a piece in CNN, the Department of Labor spokesperson revealed the report hasn’t even been rescheduled for a later release date. Plus, he pointed to a “lapse in funding” as the main reason.

The government shut down doesn’t only impact the jobs report; candidates with visa situations in process are currently in a holding pattern, too.

Considering the first Friday of each month is known as “Jobs Friday,” it looks like tomorrow will experience a little void. Per the piece, economists were anticipating the uneployment rate to remain unchanged for September. So, we’ll have to see when the next report will actually be issued. Stay tuned…