BunnyFarts Premium Breaks with iPhone Game Pricing Convention at $7.99

Screenshot courtesy of BoxOnline

The pricing convention for iPhone games seems to be that games are priced between 99 cents and $2.99 unless it is a relatively well recognized brand from a well-known firm like EA Mobile or Paramount. The big names with long standing game brands can price their products in the $5.99 to $9.99 range without raising much of a fuss from consumers. This isn’t, however, the price range you see assigned to games of an unknown quality from a firm you never heard of. And, yet, this is exactly what BoxOnline did with their…

BunnyFarts Premium 1.00 (iTunes App Store)

…priced at a relatively high (for iPhone games) $7.99. Here’s something even odder for a firm asking $7.99 for a game of unknown qualtiy (there aren’t any customer reviews of it): Their website…


…has no information about the game. Clicking on the “iPhone apps” link on their website goes nowhere. And, I couldn’t find any video demo of the game on YouTube.

On the other hand, their convention breaking pricing got me curious enough to look around for information about their product and write about it here. So, maybe their plan (whatever it is) succeeded anyway 🙂