Bump Photo App Update Adds More Sharing Options

The popular photo sharing app got an update today which adds a feature which I would have wanted long ago. You can now use the app to share links to your photos, thus removing the need for the recipient to have the app.

This two-year-old app first captured everyone’s attention by offering a unique method for sharing. As you can probably guess from the name, you bump two smartphones together. Both have to have the app running, of course, but this is still a unique physical way to carry out a common act.

Bump has been used to transfer over 630 million pictures in the past couple years, and Bump expects that to only grow thanks to the new update. “One of the comments we always hear is ‘I wish my computer worked just as well. I wish there was Bump on my computer’ so we decided to build that,” Dave Lieb, co-founder and CEO of Bump told Mashable.

The process for transferring photos to your computer is supposed to be simple, but the Bump website doesn’t quite seem to be working right. It took me several refreshes before it loaded properly. But when it works you’ll have a link that can be emailed, tweeted, or shared with anyone who has an internet connection.


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