Bump 2.0 Lets You Bump iPhones and Exchange Your Contact Info

bumplogo Bump has been gaining traction as an innovative way to exchange contact information – you literally bump your two iPhones together and your contact info is loaded into the other person’s phone.  The team’s been hard at work on their latest release, Bump 2.0, and have introduced some key features including Calendar bumping, social network integration and chat.  Take a look after the jump.

We reported earlier when the Bump platform began working across platforms, expanding to the Android from the iPhone platform and it looks like they’ve upgraded it again to include Calendar .  The service is definitely useful and at the recent Casual Connect conference more than one group of people was heard wishing for a newer way to exchange contact information than mountains of business cards. 

It’s interesting to see the team working to support various actions other than contact information as well as tying in to social networks, as if they want their technology to be able to centralize key information exchange.  That says to me the company understands that while their selling point is the ‘wow’ factor and convenience of the bump, they can really add value to users if they are able to make data exchange a simpler process in general.  And let me tell you, we’re still in our infancy as a technological species when it comes to exchanging files between devices.  It should be jump “bump to share", and certainly Bump is looking to do that.

The Bump team describes their new features as such:

        • The Calendar module lets users compare calendars and send invites back and forth that save automatically to each person’s calendar.
        • You can now connect instantly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and you can also compare friends to see who you know in common!
        • Bump now includes a chat feature that allows you to keep sending things to your friend without another bump!
        • Unlimited Photo and Contact sharing


The Android version hasn’t been released yet, but look for it soon!  Check out the bump blog here.