Bullying on Twitter – Celebrities Have Feelings Too!

Type the words, “I hate you” into the Twitter search field. The amount of hatred floating through the Twittersphere is bananas! Wait five minutes after reading some of the results from your search; and brand new Tweets with that phrase will come flooding in. It stings a little to see so much negativity after online campaigns against bullying have been popping up everywhere lately.

We’ve created a list of recent cruel Tweets directed at celebrities – not to make fun of the celebrities – but in hopes of showing the world that even the most successful people in the world get bullied every day. Maybe people can find solace in knowing that they are not alone. There are people out there who can relate – even famous people.

Haters Gonna Hate

This person just compared one of the greatest NBA players of all time (Lebron James) to homework. It doesn’t seem that harsh until you realize that he has just compared Bron Bron to the most hated thing of all time.

Imagine Receiving This Tweet!

Taylor Swift. Love her, or dislike her, no one deserves to hear this.

A Toast to Kanye West

If you hate a hater for being a hater, what does that make you? A hater! So hate on, hater!

Ke$ha Probably Dislikes You Too

There are terms in my vocabulary for how much you hate Ke$ha: Prejudice & Correspondence Bias

Kill 6 Celebrities with 1 Tweet

I do not think “bad at art” is a legit reason to hate a person.

From Australia With Hate

Poor Oprah. You’d think she was a Viking invading the shores of Australia with this vicious Tweet.

I’m a ‘Beliber’

I hope people are inspired by this random Tweet. It proves that, even though people are extremely cruel, you can still achieve great things.

Stay Strong

Check out Adam Lambert’s YouTube video titled “It Gets Better”. It’s good to see the positive comments make a bigger impact on him than the comments from bullies.

It’s Like Hating Baby Turtles!

Even if this guy is just joking, all we can think is, “d’aw. Poor Reese!!” Imagine this message is the first thing she wakes up to tomorrow!

Hate The Moneymaker

Come on now. She’s no Hanna Montana. But she’s no Gilbert Gottfried either.