Bully Gets Visit From Boxer He Harassed On Twitter

Twitter trolls give the microblogging platform a bad name. And even though more and more are facing consequences for this behavior, it’s little comfort to those dealing with it all the time – and it gives many potential users pause when considering joining the platform.

But here’s a story to make trolls think twice – at least when it comes to taunting boxers.

Now we all just need to learn how to box!

Curtis Woodhouse lost a boxing match a few nights ago and @jimmyob88, thought it was hilarious. Here’s the volley that was sent (via @LiamWynnManning’s screenshot as the tweets have now been deleted):


It turns out this troll had been taunting the boxer (and others) for months, according to The Daily Mirror. And this time, Woodhouse had enough.

And then the troll got worried and attempted to backpedal:


But the Internet is pretty unforgiving:

So Woodhouse drove 50 miles and tweeted a picture of the man’s street to show he was there. The troll did not emerge, so he left.

But it didn’t end there. The Daily Mirror tracked him down too. And James O’Brien wants to apologize for being a jerk.

Mr O’Brien, 24, who was in bed at midday after working a night shift, said: “I really regretted it. You see, all of my mates were egging me on to say things.

“It was just a bit of fun but it got really our of hand. I couldn’t believe it when I realised he was coming here.”

In response to the outrage his offensive tweets to celebrities has caused, he added: “I won’t be doing it again and I would like to apologise for my actions again.

“I’d tell other people to think twice about doing this kind of thing because you never know what the consequences will be.

“Now I just look silly.”

No, you look like a jerk. Well – and silly. We’ll split the difference and deem you a silly jerk.

We wonder if that apology would’ve happened otherwise though or if he’s still be trolling happily along? I think we all know the answer.

Do you think Mr. O’Brien got what he deserved or was Woodhouse’s reaction excessive? FYI – according to Woodhouse, it wasn’t only taunts, there were threats directed at his family as well:

(image from Shutterstock)