Bullseye for iPad: The First Interactive Music Single in an App Needs More Interactivity

Moonbot studios received a lot of attention last week for their interactive iPad book app The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. There had another iOS (iPad & iPhone) title released that is quite different.

Bullseye by Polyphonic Spree

The app name comes from the name of a song “single” (as in reference to the songs released outside of an album) by the group Polyphonic Spree. The group’s music is described as choral psych-phonic rock. I’m not a music critic. But, to me it sounded like folk rock. The singer sounds a lot like Neil Young to my ears.

As the piece opens, it is silent and you can create a few sound effect by touching objects on the screen as it side-scrolls from right to left. Once the song starts, interactivity is limited to touching twig-like objects that sprout into trees/bushes at your touch and the “you-me” one-legged critter that meanders through the song.

Bullseye is an interesting first attempt at an interactive musical single app. But, the concept needs to be taken a lot further and made more interactive.

– There isn’t enough interactivity in the app. It needs to move beyond the toddler-app design of “touch me and simple things happen.”

– The app should let the user/customer literally play with the music. Let me, for example, remix it. Or, let me actually play one of the instruments.

– The app doesn’t provide liner notes type information. It forces you to leave the app and move to the mobile browser to, for example, learn more about the musical group (Polyphonic Spree). This should be part of the app. The app doesn’t provide lyrics either.

– If you like the song Bullseye, there is no way to extract or otherwise obtain the audio from the app itself and place it in an audio-only play list.

Disclaimer: The $1.99 app was provided to me free of charge for evaluation purposes by Moonbot’s PR firm.