Bullyville and #OpAntiBully Help Teens Battle Bullies On Twitter – Will You Help?

This is part of our Pay It Forward Friday series.

We bet you’ve seen bullying on Twitter, haven’t you? Have you done anything about it? Probably not. The bullies use fake accounts and your real name is right there for anyone to see and harass you. So you ignore it and maybe you report it to Twitter – and move on.

Maybe sometimes you feel a twinge of guilt and wonder if that kid is okay. You wish you’d done more – but how?

Bully Blast – that’s how.

There are lots of Twitter streams focused on helping teens tortured by bullies. We’ll be sharing two here. Twitter @OpAntiBullyInfo is run by a group of friendly admins from varied backgrounds of anti-bullying activism.

They provide tons of helpful resources for those being bullied and focus on defensive techniques. The first step? Screenshot, block and ignore.

And they reach out to schools suggesting they educate their bullying students. Remember Amanda Todd, for example?

Here’s what they sent to the school. THAT would get someone’s attention, I’d imagine:

But what if blocking/ignoring isn’t working? What if the bullying is actually building up steam and mob mentality has taken over, making Twitter – or any social network – just entirely unbearable?

Then you need to reach out to @Bullyville and then put those little mofo’s on Bully Blast. It’s a site where you can upload screenshots of bullying. Why do this? So “Cyber bullies can no longer hide behind their screens without the fear of being exposed.”

Sound a bit controversial/ripe for abuse? They’ve covered that: “[A]ll Bully Blast images uploaded to BullyVille will be 100% verified as true before going live on our website.”

But if you’re still not comfortable with THAT, you can try sending a “Dear Bully:”

You can now write an anonymous letter to the alleged bully (please do not use their last name or the letter will be rejected) and tell them what’s on your mind. Maybe a friend of yours is being relentlessly bullied and now you can be their anonymous voice.

All you need is that persons email address or Twitter handle. Our anonymous notification service will take care of the rest. The alleged bully will receive the anonymous email from @bullyville.com. You can even send the anonymous letter to someone of authority such as a teacher or a principal.

Believe it or not, sometimes a bully doesn’t even realize that they’re being a bully. Your letter could be the reason why that person changes their life for the better.

And finally – if you’re being bullied and feeling hopeless, please know that many people online, including #Anonymous and other groups capable of figuring out bullies’ identities and ensuring they’re held accountable are watching – and so is karma. Reach out.

Have you witnessed bullying on Twitter. What have you done about it? Now is a great time to start to do something, don’t you think? Follow both @OpAntiBullyInfo and @Bullyville and show your support!

(Bullying image from Shutterstock)