BulkyPix, 3D Avenue Release Spectrum on iOS, Android

SpectrumBulkyPix and 3D Avenue have announced the release of Spectrum on iOS and Android devices. The abstract and futuristic platformer challenges players to guide an orb through level-based environments using a combination of tilt controls and taps on the screen to change the orb’s position in the air. Each level is timed, and players must complete the route before time runs out.

Spectrum’s increasingly challenging levels see players tilting their device left and right to control the direction the orb travels through space, while tapping a button on the right side of the screen causes it to float higher into the air. Tapping the button of the left side of the screen causes the orb to dive downward, and both buttons can be used in each level to avoid obstacles or pick up collectibles.

Obstacles include electrified walls and wind turbines (among others), which either damage the orb or send it flying in a different direction (potentially into other obstacles). Gamers may need to collect black dots to open new areas of the path, time their movements among moving platforms, and more. The orb can take multiple hits before dying, but if players fail the stage, they’ll need to start over.

Gamers can also replay stages to decrease their completion speeds, or pick up any collectibles they may have missed the first time around.

Spectrum is now available as a paid download on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.