Building the ‘Just Creative’ Brand


Interesting follow-up from the second place winner of the readers’ choice in the Logo Design Love Awards. Jacob Cass, proprietor of Just Creative Design, has put up a post explaining, in great detail, how he came to his current identity. From start to finish, he shows his original self-branding work “JackCass Productions” and then, as he moved beyond being fifteen years old, into something more refined. It’s a fun bit of reading and looking over a virtual shoulder. And who isn’t a sucker for behind-the-scenes, process stuff like this? Here’s a bit about an early logo idea that featured a generic little swirl:

I received feedback from peers and from forums and many people told me that there was so many logos that incorporated the Fibonnaci Squirl. After a little research I found this was true and this meant that my logo would not be unique. So I went with the led pencil idea that I thought was working quite well so I continued with that. It was here that I tried to get the best size for the pencil to show off the JCD initials as well as making sure it looked like a pencil.