Building a Facebook Game? Try the Facebook Game Idea Generator

If you’ve ever played a Facebook game, dreamed of making one, or just wanted to name one, you have got to try the “Facebook Game Idea Generator”. It’s a tongue-in-cheek application that presents you with a series of Facebook game ideas one after another, probably by randomizing the most popular elements of existing social games. It’s more of a name generator than anything else, but it’s worth a laugh.

Certainly the fact that this game only gives you the ‘name’ of the random game hits home the fact that the social game universe is dominated by clones of other games. On Facebook, I did not expect to be part of such a high number of “wars” or member of so many “villes”, but those are the games that dominate. I’ve been trying to use this little application to come up with the next Facebook hit, and here are some of my results.

  • Pirate Fighter
  • Mobster Rivals
  • Castle World Tour
  • Mafia Warrior
  • Yo Extreme
  • Hero Society
  • Island Rivals
  • Happy Rivals

My personal favourites are Yo Extreme and Happy Rivals. I’m sure these will be in the top ten soon. Check out the image below and click here to play the game. I must note that it’s ironic that THIS application isn’t even on Facebook. 🙂 Also, check out our post on another parody game, Progress Wars, here.