Build your own prehistoric city in New Rock City on Facebook


While many of us can’t help but look forward to the future, Picadilla’s Facebook game New Rock City turns its attention to the past, as users are given control of a prehistoric city that’s been destroyed by an evil Lizard King. Users must complete quests to rebuild the city and uncover the mystery of the “lost Ruby Mine.”

In New Rock City, players mix farming with city building in order to build homes, businesses and more. Users collect coins from homes, and can use these coins to build additional structures. An energy system limits the length of a single gameplay session, and is used to collect from buildings and clear debris from the land.

This debris comes in the form of rocks, logs, leaves and more. Animals provide further materials, like eggs and milk. As players plant crops, they can turn these crops (and other resources) into Goods, which power market stalls. In turn, these stalls provide large amounts of coins to further player progress.


New story characters move into town over time, and the game becomes more complex as new buildings and quests become available to build and complete. Social mechanics allow users to visit their friends’ cities and complete five visit actions every few hours.

New Rock City has been climbing in users over the past month. According to our app tracking service AppData the game sits at over 395,000 monthly active users, an increase of 55,000 in the last week. The game is available to play for free on Facebook.