Build Your Own Metropolis in Super City on Facebook

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If you’re looking for traditional city-building gameplay on Facebook, but you’ve moved on from games like CityVille, Playkot’s Super City has an incredibly similar setup that might be perfect for you. The game places gamers in the role of mayor, challenged with changing a small plot of land with a few homes into a bustling metropolis.

In Super City, players build homes to increase the population and businesses to increase their town’s coin productivity. Businesses require Goods to operate, and farms create these Goods over time. Players complete quests as they build their town, unlocking more whimsical items like clubs, tennis courts and other entertainment facilities along the way.

Parties can be thrown at the club, while tournaments are thrown at the tennis court (as examples). When started, countdown timers challenge users to add their friends to these for additional rewards, in the form of stars and trophies, two unique kinds of building materials. Meanwhile, players are encouraged to build decorations not only to make their city look nicer, but to also increase the payout percentages from nearby residences.

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Buildings require energy to complete, and most other tasks take time. This energy recharges automatically over time, or users can purchase energy with premium currency in the store. These timed tasks can also be finished instantly with an in-app purchase. Eventually, players will reach buildings or projects that require building materials to complete (like a bridge over the river). These too can be purchased with real money.

Over time, players will unlock additional land areas on the city map, including a Snow Plateau, Highland and Enchanted Valley. More areas will be unlocked going forward.

For social features, players can visit their friends’ towns and tend five buildings per day. Tending farms offers free goods, while businesses and homes offer coins. Users also receive free energy for each friend they help.

Super City is available to play for free on Facebook.