Buick and OUT To Honor LGBT Leaders in New York

Chaz Bono, one of the Out100

Buick and OUT Magazine have paired up again this year to present the OUT100, an awards program which will honor Daniel Hernandez, the Congressional intern who ran to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ aid during a mass shooting. Hernandez had just five days on the job when Giffords, his boss, was critically injured in the Arizona shooting, which killed six people.

Hernandez has since been raising awareness and funds for various causes, “truly exemplifying the qualities of the Buick OUT100 Humanitarian Award,” according to the sponsors. He and many LGBT leaders will be honored Thursday at Skylight Soho.

The awards are being ushered in with stunning photos and a video clip, attached after the jump.

The fact that such a mainstream brand like Buick sponsors a LGBT event is a testament to the importance of this large and growing demographic.

Recently, Absolut vodka celebrated 30 years of reaching out to the LGBT community.

And Congress is showing support for LGBT diversity as well. The highly successful “It Gets Better” campaign, which reaches out to abused or bullied LGBT youth, has just recruited three New Jersey Republicans to record segments of support, although the politicians had previously voted against gay rights bills.

Rep. Jon Runyan explained his participation this way: “There is no place in our society for bullying, especially when continued bullying leads to young adults taking their own lives. This issue goes beyond political affiliations.”

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