BugMe! 1.09 for iOS Now a Universal Note Taking Ink App for Both iPhone & iPad

BugMe!, the “ink” based notepad, was one of the first apps I tried on my new iPad back in April. It was missing a the ability to alarm a note that I had found so useful when I used it on a Windows Mobile phone. This feature was promised even then, however, and became available in an update.

BugMe! Ported to iPad. Looking Good After All These Years. Key Feature Missing But Coming Soon

The 1.09 update for the app removes the distinction between iPad and iPhone versions by provide a single universal version that works on both platforms.

BugMe! – Ink Notepad & Alarms (iTunes App Store)

The update also provides Twitter auth and TwitPic support from within the app. Notes can now be sent to the desktop computer using iTunes.