Bug Prevents Facebook Old Page Walls and Iframe Tab Apps From Loading if Logged Out

Facebook is currently experiencing a significant bug that is causing the walls of Pages that haven’t upgraded to the redesign and new iframe Page tab applications from loading for users who are logged out. This can cause problems for brands and developers who direct users to their Facebook presence from external websites and offline advertising, as visiting users will think the Page is broken and leave.

Judging by the Facebook Developers Blog post from last week announcing the ability to create iframe Page Tab apps, commenters appear to have first spotted the bug on February 10th. Facebook has acknowledged the bug for iframe tab apps; its current status is “ASSIGNED.” Earlier today, several members of a closed Facebook Group for social marketers noticed a similar bug for Page walls.

It’s currently unclear exactly how widespread the bug is, but we’ve yet to find any old Page walls or iframe tab apps that are exempt from the problem.

Until Facebook fixes the bug, Pages should consider setting their default landing tab to either their info section or an FBML tab application so that logged out users who visit will see something that loads properly. Old Pages without iframe tab apps that are experiencing the issue with their wall can also choose to upgrade to the new Page redesign to resolve the problem.

Update: We’ve received word of another bug impacting Pages that have accepted the redesign. When non-fans click the Like button, they are redirected to the Page’s wall instead of remaining on the same tab they were viewing.

This disrupts a Page’s ability to require users to click Like in order to access certain content or functionality. Tim Ware, who tipped us about this bug, looked at Facebook’s code and determined this wasn’t intentional. Facebook has changed the status of the bug to “ASSIGNED”, so developers and Page admins may soon be restored the ability to effectively use Like-gated Page tab apps.