Bug Stops Some International Iframe Facebook App Users From Making Purchases With Credits

Users of Facebook applications that use iFrames are experiencing a bug, in some countries, that prevents the iframe from resizing properly, cutting off the app horizontally mid-page and preventing users from spending Facebook Credits.

Currently, we know the bug is impacting users in UK, Germany, Russia, France, Israel, Ukraine, Romania, Latvia, Belarus and Romania. The bug has significant negative implications for applications monetizing through Facebook Credits.

Bugs are a natural side effect of operating such a big platform, and Facebook recently renewed its commitment to fixing them as fast as possible as part of its Operation: Developer Love. Most bugs only have a small impact, and only affect a minority of users or developers. However, major changes to Facebook over the last week, including the redesign of Pages and the added ability for Pages to use iframe tab applications, have been accompanied by a few serious issues.

The app height bug has received 70 votes of importance from developers, making it the highest priority canvas applications bug. Facebook has “ASSIGNED” this bug that was submitted on Monday. Facebook has also “REOPENED” the Credits bug, which has a relatively high six votes of importance.

Until Facebook fixes this bug, applications may lose potential revenue since certain users can’t buy virtual goods. One of the limitations of a unified virtual currency system on the Platform is that if Credits experiences downtime, developers don’t have the option to temporarily switch to another payment method.

As Facebook incentivizes developers to adopt Credits with beta access to new features in the lead up to the July 1st, 2011 mandatory switch to Credits, it also needs to make sure its payment system is as stable as possible.

Update: Facebook has told us “we’re aware of an issue that is affecting a limited number of Credits users and we’re taking steps to resolve it as quickly as possible.”