Buffer – The Twitter App That Can Get You 200% More Clicks – Now Available On Android

The first mobile version of Buffer has hit the Android Market, and it’s a slick product.

Now, you can send updates to Twitter at the times that they’ll see the most impact while you’re on the go from your Android device.

Buffer for Android is a simple little app that let’s you share any piece of content from your phone with your Twitter followers. But the catch is, like its web version and browser extensions, Buffer for Android chooses the best time for your content to be tweeted based on when you will see the most engagement.

You can grab Buffer for Android from the Android Marketplace.

After installing the app, you can easily share any page on Twitter by opening your Android’s menu and clicking the “Share” option. You should see “Add to Buffer” near the top – click this, and you’ll be taken to a familiar looking (if you’re already a Buffer user) Buffer box.

You can edit the text to be retweeted, add your opinion or leave it as is. Then, you have the option to post the update immediately to your Twitter account, or put it in your Buffer.

Once you’ve slotted a few updates into your Buffer, I suggest you head over to the Buffer for Android app and manage them. You can move each item up or down, scheduling them at different times based on your preferences.

And what I love about the app is the one-the-go analytics: just like the web and browser versions, you can check how each Buffered item performed in the Android version. You can see, at a glance, how many retweets, clicks and what reach each of your tweets saw.

Using Buffer, users saw a 200% increase in the number of clicks on their links, twice as many retweets, and an average of 100 new followers within 3 weeks. Not only does this app take scheduling your tweets off your mind, but it also helps you improve your Twitter presence.

With the latest Android update (and an iOS version in the works!), now’s a great time to try out Buffer and see how it can work for you.

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