Buffer And Refynr Partner To Bring You And Your Followers The Most Relevant Tweets

Learning how much is too much on Twitter can be a painful process of trial and error (and angry followers whose timelines you’ve flooded with an overload of tweets). Enter Buffer, a web-based app that spreads your tweets throughout the day. And its latest partnership announcement with Refynr means that both the content you read on Twitter and the content you send out will be on topic, timely, and relevant.

Combining Buffer – which lets you load up tweets to space out during optimal times throughout the day – and Refynr – which reduces the noise and tweets you’re uninterested in – could be one of the most powerful ways to streamline Twitter we’ve seen thus far.

With Buffer, you get to load up as many tweets as you want, and let the algorithm do its magic. The app will send out your pre-loaded tweets when your audience is most likely to be listening, and it will avoid sending them too close together or too far apart.

Refynr works on the other side of the Twitter equation, cutting through your Twitter timeline by eliminating topics you don’t care about and only including those you do. Don’t want to see those Fourswuare checkins, or any #FollowFridays? They’re completely removed with Refynr.

The partnership between these two Twitter services means that you can now Buffer from within your Refyned timeline. It works like this:

You can browse your Refynr stream, which shows you only the tweets that are relevant to you and your interests. When you see a tweet you like and would like to share, you simply click it…

…and the option to “Add to Buffer” will appear beside “Tweet now”. If you choose to add this tweet to your Buffer, it will be sent out at a later time when it will have the most impact.

Buffer has already been integrated into Twitter.com as a browser extension, Google Reader and exists as a WordPress plugin, but this is the burgeoning company’s first collaboration with another Twitter app.

Buffer Co-Founder Leo Widrich has this to say about the collaboration:

“It is amazing for us to have this collaboration going with Buffer and Refynr. Our goal is to enable everyone to share high quality content in a simple and genuine way, without the downside of flooding your followers. The Refynr integration certainly brings us closer to this and we are excited to work on more App integrations for Buffer in the future.”

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