Buffalo Wild Wings Tests Instagram Direct to Launch Brand Account

2,100 followers in one week

Buffalo Wild Wings is leaning on the World Cup to kick off its Instagram presence with an image-based contest that uses the social mobile app’s Instagram Direct messaging feature. The wing chain (with the help of creative agency Periscope) racked up 1,600 followers between June 6 and June 9, and has since gained an additional 500 followers by posting football-themed content.

Earlier this week, Buffalo Wild Wings kicked off the #Fannerisms campaign by posting a caricature of a football fan. In turn, fans are encouraged to post their own pictures tagged with the hashtag during the games.

B-Dubs will use Instagram’s Direct (which was added last year to compete with Snapchat and the growing number of mobile messaging apps) feature to send out pictures to winners that show instructions on how to redeem a gift card, similar to how a direct message works on Twitter.

While marketers have already shown an insatiable thirst for Instagram, Buffalo Wild Wings’ campaign is intriguing because it’s one of the first examples of brands using the feature. This could be a game-changer in terms of how brands turn hours of photo scrolling into direct response campaigns.

Buffalo Wild Wings’ World Cup initiative is part of a bigger push from the chain to build loyalty and repeat foot traffic with the often fickle millennial demographic through pictures of wings and beer. "We're talking art-based content and showcasing more of the fan experience through regrams and more," said Evan Carpenter, senior engagement strategist at Periscope.

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