Buffalo, NY Decided to Fight Back Against Media Portrayal of Buffalo, NY


The good people of Buffalo, New York are once again slightly miffed about media coverage of their city. You’ll remember last year when NY Times‘ critic Nicolai Ouroussoff traveled there to talk in glowing terms all about their architecture. Then the issue was (rightly) raised that he’d completely forgotten about the contributions of Buffalo’s own Louise Bethune, the first American woman to set up a professional architecture office and the first female fellow of the American Institute of Architects. Now they have collectively come to rally against a recent piece in USA Today that also talks about how great Buffalo’s architecture is, but also how the city is crumbling and how it’s incredibly cold there (that’s the part they’re upset about). On their local news, they talk about the decision to fight back (check out the clip after the jump), for some reason showing all the television and movie productions being shot in the area right now as some sort of worthiness gauge. The plan also includes sending out copies of Mark Donnelly‘s photography book Frozen Assets to show how great the city is, even when it’s buried under 20 feet of snow.