TV Critic Stands By Cryptic F-Word Reference

It seems innocent enough. Last week, in a blog item about a local TV channel accidentally airing video containing the F-word, Buffalo News TV critic emeritus Alan Pergament chose the following way to frame it:

Channel 7 anchor Keith Radford quickly apologized for the airing of the expletive in a story about the racist rant from a woman identified as Janelle Ambrosia directed at an African-American man in his motor vehicle.

The FCC could consider giving Channel 7 a fine for the airing of the expletive, which starts with the sixth letter of the alphabet.

Per a follow-up post today, a number of readers took exception to the know-your-alphabet reference. Which leads Pergament to recall a conversation with his son and a much milder bit of language that was at issue in a 1999 CBS-TV sitcom, before concluding with:

I don’t see anything wrong with making readers work a little harder to understand which expletive was used on the air.

So laugh at me if you must, call me a kindergarten teacher. (That’s probably an insult to kindergarten teachers).

Or you can be adult about it.

Since the Internet is a place where many people behave like anything-but first-letter citizens, Pergament can probably expect more snarky, angry emails.

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