Buffalo Bills Fan Loses Job After Falling Out of Upper Deck

If you think your behavior outside the office doesn’t impact your employment, think again.

You may have already seen the cringeworthy video but in case you haven’t, Rob Hopkins attended Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday’s game when the Bills took on the New York Jets.

After sliding down a safety railing in the 300 level seats, he lost his balance and fell over the railing into 200 level seats, thereby plummeting an astonishing 30 feet.

Although the New York Post reported a witness indicated he immediately got up and said he was okay, security stopped him. Emergency workers put him in a neck brace and he subsequently left the stadium on a chair stretcher. As for the innocent fan he landed on, that fan was taken out of the stadium on a backboard. Security kept the fan upright at first until medics arrived.

While the Bills president and chief executive indicated Hopkins was banned from ever returning to the stadium due to “irresponsible behavior,” his employer also cut him loose.

The ad firm indicated in a statement, “EMA is very concerned about Sunday’s incident at the Buffalo Bills’ game and we are relieved that the injured were released from the hospital. Rob Hopkins is no longer employed by EMA.”

Frequently we hear about online misadventures leading to a pink slip from social media shenanigans (yes, we really did say shenanigans; oh hump day, you tempt us so with the weekend) but in this particular case, offline behavior showcases a startling reminder to underscore the importance of being responsible at all times.