Budweiser’s Simple Facebook Cover Photo Contest Draws Buzz

Organic, brief effort garners thousands of comments and 'likes'

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Budweiser recently ran a contest that encouraged consumers to submit Instagram snapshots that could become the brand's cover photo on Facebook. Today, the beverages brand shared engagement stats with Adweek from an effort that largely entailed a pair of Facebook/Twitter messages with no paid push.

All told, the simple campaign garnered 2,618 Facebook and Twitter user comments on those social properties. In terms of Facebook alone, the St. Louis, Mo.-based giant drew 15,864 likes and 491 shares. So with only two posts and zero amplification, the brand was still able to generate close to 20,000 engagements in a brief amount of time by offering momentary ownership of its Facebook cover slot.

Budweiser has 10 million Facebook fans and roughly 18,000 Twitter followers. While social media has presented pitfalls in years past to alcohol makers due to drinking-age legalities, moves by digital platforms to ensure targeted messaging at those 21 and older seem to have motivated brands like Bud do more on Facebook and Twitter.

"This was Budweiser's first time using true crowd participation to inform their marketing efforts," per a rep for Poptip, a social polling service that helped with the brand's three-day vote between a trio of finalists in late June. "John R." won out with 56 percent of the tallies, and his Instagram work now headlines Budweiser USA's Facebook page.

Kathryn Sattler, a Budweiser global director, added that her brand "is increasingly engaging directly with fans and consumers."

With simple efforts like this one setting consumers abuzz, there's little wonder why.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.