Budweiser, Miller Reveal the Secret Sauce in Their Alcoholic Water

Old Bud ad

I see hops. And yeast. And water.

We all know that customers care about ingredients thanks to the GMO debate and the “is it really pomegranate” false advertising case that received a big thumbs up from the U.S. Supreme Court this week.

Seems shoppers don’t trust big-name clients to be honest about what’s in their products–and given the fact that Minute Maid’s “pomegranate blueberry” juice is actually “0.3 percent pomegranate juice, 0.2 percent blueberry juice and 0.1 percent raspberry juice”, we can’t say that we blame them.

It never really occurred to us to apply this principle to beer, but someone did–and two of the world’s biggest brands just responded.

Their findings are refreshingly dull!

Today the great Consumerist got us caught up: a blog called Foodbabe called on the companies to reveal their ingredients this week. They even created a #MysteryBeer hashtag and a pretty decent looking video:

Even this nutjob joined in. After 27,000 Facebook likes and 14,000 YouTube views, MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch decided to respond.

The MillerCoors ingredients are, well, more than a little boring:

beer stuff

So now we know that Coors Light contains the very sort of things you’d expect it to, while Bud contains…rice!

You may notice that many Facebook fans weren’t satisfied, and they insisted on asking MillerCoors about whether the corn came in high fructose corn syrup form or whether it was GMO.

You can’t win with some people.

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