BuddyPress Upgrade Brings Social Features To All WordPress Sites

WordPress has released version 1.2 of BuddyPress, which was originally developed to add social media features to sites based on WordPress MU (multiuser). We previously covered BuddyPress back in November of 2007 and had tried to implement the service unsuccessfully on this site.

Although a stable release of BuddyPress was released in 2009, it was still available only for the multi user WordPress MU based sites. The new release now allows BuddyPress to be installed on standard WordPress installations. Some other highlights of the new release are:

New Default Theme – the new version comes with a new default theme, that offers out of the box support for all the additional features.

Simplified Installation – the new version only takes three steps to get installed, and has removed the pain of manual installation.

Activity Streams – have been revamped, and each stream item has its own permalink that could be bookmarked or shared with friends. Users can also publish events to the activity streams. Users can also mark the items in the stream as favorite and use @username mentions.

The previous version of BuddyPress supported social features such as extended user profiles, activity streams displaying user comments, discussion forums, private messaging between users, and group support to allow discussions on topics.

BuddyPress 1.2 requires WordPress or WordPress MU 2.9.2, both of which have just been released on Monday.

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