Buddy Media Gets Progressive with Social Math Report and Calculator

-BuddyMedia Logo-Buddy Media, which creates apps and “app-vertisements” for brands looking for engaging ways in which to interact with users across social networks and other online media outlets, has made a name for itself with its popular applications and ad delivery system. Now Buddy Media is further establishing itself as a resource for all things social media-ad related. The data Buddy Media is able to collect can prove quite helpful for its clients, social networks, advertisers within and outside of its network, as well as developers looking to monetize applications on the web.

So as part of the recently released research report called “Social Math: The Economic Case for Branded Applications” Buddy Media also launched a new calculator tool that enables marketers to better estimate their online social media budget. This estimate is based on a marketer’s average CPM and evaluates the cost of generating engaged users with certain social media ad campaigns.

This basic calculator offering gives a very broad overview of what marketers can expect to get for their established budget. And this also ties in directly with Buddy Media’s own offerings, which the company is promoting for such deliverables. But equally important is Buddy Media’s findings, which are offered in the report. For example, Buddy Media states that “app-vertising” campaigns offer nearly 400% more engaged users than display ads, at 78% less in terms of cost. More impressions, more engagement, and less money.

These are the qualities that several branded app networks are offering, with an emphasis on lowered costs. In an era of budget cuts and an attitude of sticking to traditional media for advertising in some cases, Buddy Media is doing well to offer up its findings in order to help establish its online presence and its overall industry.

Buddy Media’s findings are based on aggregate data from more than 80 “app-vertisment” programs with over 60 of its clients, which have been compared to public data for display advertising. Access the entire “Social Math” report and calculator here.