Buddy Media Launches More Facebook Apps, Taking Advice from Gary Vaynerchuck

Buddy Media has been busy lately, pushing some of its newer products onto big brands seeking better engagement with consumers via social media applications. The company that brought us app-vertisements and helped solidify their existence as viable alternatives to display ads has launched four new Facebook pages this week for Parents magazine, the National Jean Company, the Shoebox (which is a sister company to the National Jean Company)and Better Homes and Gardens.

Here’s a quick rundown of a couple of the new applications, outlining how they work within the Facebook community.

Parents Magazine is looking to grow its web presence even further by leveraging a social community and encouraging content-sharing amongst friends. So its application on Facebook pushes the latest content from its standalone site along with a specialized newsfeed highlighting recent blog posts from the magazine and user-generated content uploaded to www.parents.com. There’s also a poll for new parents that offer answers to common parenting questions, and interactive contests, which not only incur activity within the Facebook app but also redirects traffic back to Parents Magazine websites.

National Jean Company has actually turned to virtual gifting as a way to encourage users to spread the word regarding their application and its related content. The resulting news feed means that users are able to promote their own activity within the app as well as receiving fashion updates from the National Jean Company website. With Twitter integration, users are able to extend the community offerings beyond just the Facebook application as well. Lastly, users can earn coupons by referring friends back to the National Jean Company’s website.

This referral system is widely used with Buddy Media-powered applications. It’s still a useful method for leveraging the direct manner in which users communicate on Facebook, and the incentives make it worth the users’ while. Maintaining a balance between these incentives for advertising purposes and becoming a burden to users is a long-standing issue that both app developers and Facebook have been dealing with since the Facebook platform launched.

But as a marketing tool Buddy Media has a unique set of incentive-based behavior prods, which ultimately benefit the brands working with Buddy Media itself. In the end, Buddy Media is still seeking a way in which to better engage users for the purpose of generating brand recognition in a way that enables end users to yield all the power and influence.

It’s a trusting method for brand-building, and it’s still experimental. That’s part of the reason why Buddy Media has brought “marketing maverick” Gary Vaynerchuck of Wine Library TV to its board of advisors. As a success story for the power of social media marketing and the employment of new concepts surrounding such marketing, Vaynerchuck’s tactics will certainly influence the way in which Buddy Media will utilize applications for advertising purposes moving forward.