Buddy Media, Context Optional Release New Facebook App-vertisements

More social marketers seeking to engage their audiences on Facebook are turning to firms like Buddy Media and Context Optional to develop and promote applications that allow for rich interactions between Facebook users and their brands.

This week, the companies released several new applications that agencies should check out:

1. Buddy Media and Fox News

Buddy Media‘s Fox News app allows users to visit the Fox News Page, customize the Fox News video player, and integrate it on their profile. “Supporters of Fox News will be able to carry their brand affinity off the Fan Page and onto their personal profile – increasing brand exposure and application engagement beyond the point of first contact,” says Buddy Media’s Greg Roth.

2. Context Optional, Ogilvy, and Kraft

Context Optional‘s One Minute Mogul app is a social game that encourages users to try a new line of Oscar Meyer sandwiches through coupons. “It’s a very innovative approach tying online viral marketing to offline store purchases, and we’re excited to see how it goes,” says Context’s Kevin Barenblat.

3. Context Optional, Rapp Collins, and Travel Channel

Context Optional’s Kindap! app is a social game designed to drive traffic to the Travel Channel’s website. Users kidnap their friends to far off places, and in order to escape the hostage must answer a question (the answer for which can be found on TravelChannel.com). “The app includes sophisticated Flash and heavy graphics to meet Travel Channel’s branding guidelines and has seen significant growth since it launched a couple weeks ago,” says Barenblat.

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