Bucky Takes Manhattan: Fullerfest Starts Today

Fly's eye dome.jpgNew York City, summon all of your tensegrity and prepare to get geodesic. Today kicks off a Buckminster Fuller-filled summer in the Big Apple, as the Center for Architecture unveils Fuller’s Fly’s Eye Dome (pictured at left, at LaGuardia Park), courtesy of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and Max Protetch Gallery, in conjunction with the NYC Department of Transportation’s Temporary Art Program and Friends of LaGuardia Place. Meanwhile, starting tonight and through September the Center for Architecture transforms into “The Dymaxion Study Center,” displaying over 400 volumes of books by and about Fuller and hosting a variety of events featuring Fuller’s friends and colleagues, including architect Shoji Sadao and designer Edwin Schlossberg.

On Wednesday evening in Chelsea, Max Protetch celebrates its newest exhibition, which includes Fuller prototypes, drawings, and photographs, as well as works from his art collection (turns out he was a de Kooning fan!), while a couple of blocks away, Sebastian + Barquet is showing Fuller’s sculptures and prints. And, of course, mark your calendar for Thursday’s opening of “Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe,” the Whitney Museum’s exhibition devoted to the inventor, designer, environmentalist, and humanitarian. This may be your only chance to see Bucky’s teardrop-shaped Dymaxion car! Here’s a video preview of what to expect, courtesy of the Whitney.