Buck Status Quo, ‘Access Higher Level of Badass-dom’ with James Victore

Are you looking for an autumnal kickstart to reclaiming your creativity and conquering fear and self-doubt? Eager to embark on a frank, humorous search for meaning in both work and life? Ready to tap into the “gifted super badass” that lurks inside you? Step away from the self-help books, design fans, and spend a day with James Victore. The Brooklyn-based author, designer, filmmaker, and self-described ass-kicker (at the helm of a studio “hell-bent on world domination”) has cooked up Take this Job and Love It, a confab for anyone—designers, writers, artists, small-business owners, educators, presidential candidates—who wants to learn “how to light up their career and harness their power.” Coming from anyone else, this could sound corny, but Victore has spent his career pioneering a gutsy “your work is your gift” approach, in which meaning and purpose drive every decision. And it’s worked. The one-day symposium takes place on Saturday, September 29 at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center. Want to attend for free? Create a video explaining why, and you might just get your wish.

Pictured at top: Art print by James Victore for Decoder. Buy it here.